Monday, June 16, 2014

Dota 2 - The International 2014

The International 2014

So here we are again, approaching the grandest stage for Dota 2 glory - the International 2014. The best Dota 2 teams across  the globe will once again compete for a still unknown, and growing prize pool. It is now under $9,500,5000 and most likely reach $10M, making The International one of the highest prized competition in the gaming industry.

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The International 2014 Format

The main tournament will be fought within 16 teams, including 11 invited teams, 4 regional qualifiers, and 1 from the play-in series. Play-in series will be composed of the runner ups from the regional qualifiers. THis is sure to be one hell of a good show.

Location - Seattle, USA

Defending champs Alliance is one of the invited teams, while crowd favorite Na'Vi is expected to put up a good fight to follow up their 2011 championship. Arrow Gaming will represent SE Asia where one of the most brutal qualifier rounds happened.

There will also be again exhibition matches that includes the 5v5 All Star Dota 2 match where players can vote the 5 members of each time, and the 1 vs 1 ultimate battle royal where the players with most vote from the Compendium will be matched to each other,

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