Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dota 2 MapHack Tutorial and Download

How to Download and Use Dota 2 MapHack

download dota 2 maphack

Introducing our latest program for Dota 2 - our very own Dota 2 MapHack v4.3. This is a reboot of our Dota 2 MapHack series that was started way back to March 2013. Sadly, we were quiet busy for the past few months and wasn't able to update the program after the March patch. But don't worry as we are back. Time for rampage again.

Dota 2 MapHack  Requirements

1. Latest Dota 2 Client
2. Dota 2 Console Enabled
3. Windows 7 and up.

maphack for dota 2

As usual, we will only release this for limited time only. We will remove the download link after the 1,000th download to prevent over abuse. We will also not provide a screenshot of the actual interface to protect from leechers.

Dota 2 MapHack Tutorial

1. Run Steam and Dota 2 clients.
2. Run Dota 2 MapHack app.
3. Click Connect.
4. Once the status bar is finished, click the options that you want to enable. See below for currently supported Dota 2 MapHack options.
5.  After selecting the options, click Hack.
6. Alt Tab to your Dota 2 client and show the console.
7. You should see the line "d2mhv41.dll initilized".
8. Start playing. Get some Rampage and send us the screenshots :).

dota 2 maphack


1. Our program will NEVER ask for your Steam login details.
2. Dota 2 MapHack Options currently available are
Remove Fog from Main Map
Remove Fog from Mini Map
Read All Text Chat
Reveal Illusions
3. Removing the fogs will allow you to see the whole map but you cannot bypass Dota 2's click limits. 
Example 1 = If you are using Spirit Breaker  you can see a hero farming on the opposite team's forest but you cannot click Charge of Darkness to him until you gain legitimate visibility towards that enemy hero.
Example 2 = If you are using Invoker and turned off the fog, you can cast Sun Strike on an enemy hero beyond your team's normal visibility range since Sun Strike, by default, can be casted anywhere on the map even without a Dota 2 MapHack.

Goals for next Dota 2 MapHack Release (v4.4)

* Hear mics from both team.

dota 2 maphack
One of our earlier releases of Dot 2 Maphack

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